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Are you a dentist? This site is listed at the top of Google and other search engines for local dentist keywords. We receive traffic from Smyrna residents who are searching for a dentist online. 71%-90% of Americans research a business online before making a purchase decision, and being number one in Google is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in positions 2-5! *

If you don’t have a web developer, I can redesign the entire site for you. Anything can change. You could…

    • Use it as your primary website: Revamp the site to represent your practice at the top of the search engines
    • Use it as a dentist review site to promote your practice, strengthen reputation, and catch new customers
    • Host customer testimonials and video reviews
    • Turn it into a company blog and pick up new customers through social media
    • Create a mobile site to attract smartphone users (94% of smartphones users are mobile internet users)
    • Use the site to run coupons and special offers
    • And much more.




Search: dentist smyrna tn
    • Google Position: #1
    • Yahoo Postion: #1
    • Bing Position: #1
Search: dentist in smyrna tn
    • Google Position: #1
    • Yahoo Postion: #1
    • Bing Position: #1
Search: dentists in smyrna tn
    • Google Position: #1
    • Yahoo Postion: #1
    • Bing Position: #1


Stats Worth Considering

The top search position receives 36.4% of search traffic on average. The second position takes just 12.5%. By the third position, only 9.5% of those searching are clicking on your site. Back in August of 2006, leaked AOL records of over 19,434,540 click-throughs showed that sites in position #1 pulled 42.3 percent of traffic; second place got 11.92%; and third place had 8.44%.

The first Google search result receives more clicks than the following two through five results combined.

(Source: Search Engine Watch)



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